Energy/Electrical Technologies

Do you dream of:

  • Wiring and energizing residential and commercial projects
  • Working alongside professionals to power and maintain a secure and reliable electrical grid
  • Conducting hands-on activities with renewable energies while working in an outdoor environment

Energy and Electrical Technologies is available at the Northwest and Southeast campuses.  Enroll and prepare for further education, advanced certification, and immediate employment.  OSTC can help you find the light at the end of your tunnel.

Indispensable Skills and Essential Functions

All programming at OSTC is grounded on students having the competency to develop universal skills that are essential  to employment.  Individuals considering enrolling should exhibit the potential to learn the following industry relevant skills.

  • Work at elevated heights
  • Lift 50 - 100 pounds
  • Identify and use tools and machines to complete job tasks
  • Complete repetitive physical tasks including bending and crouching
  • Work in weather extremes
  • Work in confined spaces
  • Work around moving machinery and hazardous equipment
  • Work on uneven surfaces
  • Tolerate fumes and dust
  • Use safety protocols during exposure to caustic chemicals and hazardous materials
  • Work in loud spaces
  • Possess eye, hand, and foot coordination
  • Stand for long periods of time
  • Strong mechanical aptitude 
  • Complete precision tasks with fine detail
  • Work with sharp objects
  • Tolerate vibrations
  • Visually recognize and identify colors
  • Tolerate exposure to magnetic fields
  • Interpret technical instructions in mathematical and diagrammatic form