Criminal Justice

​Do you dream of:

  • Performing law enforcement operations such as specialized SWAT strategies, forensic investigative techniques to process crime scenes, and applying counter-terrorism tactics
  • Working with certified law enforcement and homeland security professionals to keep the community safe
  • Examining the critical roles of corrections, rehabilitation, and probation in the criminal justice system

Criminal Justice is offered at the Southeast campus.  Enroll and prepare for further education, advanced certifications, and immediate employment.

Indispensable Skills and Essential Functions

All programming at OSTC is grounded on students having the competency to develop universal skills that are essential  to employment.  Individuals considering enrolling should exhibit the potential to learn the following industry relevant skills.

  • Computer literate
  • Keyboard at 35 words per minute
  • Multitasking skills
  • Motor coordination and finger dexterity
  • Space relations and form perception
  • Participate in public speaking
  • Project management skills
  • Use software to complete job tasks