​Who attends OSTC?

High school juniors and seniors attend OSTC.  Students serious about their future attend OSTC.  Many OSTC students have plans for after high school -- including college and the military.  

Why should I attend OSTC?

OSTC gives you an edge in this competitive, global economy. Acquire specific, technical knowledge and skills, whether in robotics, hydroponics, business management, computer repair, nursing, video gaming, and more. Earn high school credits, participate in leadership opportunities, join student organizations, and spend half of your school day in a new and inspiring environment - all preparing you for a successful future.

How do I make OSTC fit into my schedule?

OSTC works with you and your high school counselor to support you in managing the academics and logistics to attend.

How do I apply to OSTC?

Learn more about the OSTC Enrollment process here.