OSTC Enrollment

The online application window for OSTC will officially begin on November 1, 2018.  If you would like additional information about a program prior to this, please complete this contact form.

Sending school counselors will need to verify your to attend the OSTC, via the online application system.  Training dates for using the new portal will occur in November in December.  Training dates for counselors will be posted on November 1, 2018.  

Students will be notified, via mail, of their acceptance after February 1, 2018.

OSTC Enrollment Guidelines

All programming at OSTC is grounded on students having the competency to develop universal skills that are essential  to employment.  Individuals considering enrolling should exhibit the potential for the following Indispensable Skills and Essential Functions:

  • Follows industry specific safety standards
  • Able to work independently and to direct self
  • Able to work as part of a team, including with a diverse group
  • Able to manage time
  • Possesses critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Able to plan and organize tasks
  • Uses computers to complete work tasks
  • Communicates effectively with others
  • Completes work under stress and time constraints
  • Demonstrates strong work ethic
  • Pays attention to detail
  • Able to work in a facilitated learning environment with minimal supervision
  • Able to pass a drug screen

Each OSTC program has additional skills that are specific to the industry. The Indispensable Skills and Essential Functions guidelines identified for each OSTC program and the curriculum are available to help you determine if a program is right for you.

Students with Individual Education Plan or 504 Plan

If you are a student with an IEP or 504 plan, please download the IEP/504 Summary Form and have your counselor include it with your online application.  It is recommended that Chrome Browser be used to access this form.