Oakland Technical Early College Requirements

Admission Criteria

Students applying for admission to the Oakland Technical Early College must meet the following criteria.

  • Currently a 10th grade student in a participating school district
  • Planning to attend OSTC in 11th grade
  • Completed the OSTC admissions process and have a secured spot for the upcoming school year
  • Planning to attend an OSTC program with an Oakland Technical Early College option
  • Possess a High School GPA of 2.0, with all 9th and 10th grade Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements completed
  • Currently on track to complete high school graduation requirements

Placement Testing

Students applying to Oakland Technical Early College must meet Oakland Community College Placement Requirements

  • Students will take the Accuplacer Reading and Writeplacer assessments at Oakland Community College
  • Eligible students need to place into English 1510
    • Students planning to enroll in Welding, Machining, or Collison need to place into English 1060, students placing into English 1060 may need to take an additional Oakland Community College at a later date to complete associate degree requirements
  • Prior to 12th grade, students must complete Oakland Community College math placement testing

Preparing for Placement Testing

Studying for the placement tests will lead to better performance, which will strengthen the opportunity to qualify for Oakland Technical Early College. By obtaining a higher score, there will be more flexibility and choice to meet high school and Oakland Community College requirements. Please review the Preparing for Oakland Community College Placement Testing Guide.

Summer Workshop

Students selected for admission to the Oakland Technical Early College will be required to enroll in and attend Summer Seminar in the summer prior to 11th grade. The seminar will be held in August 14 and 15.


Students will need to find personal transportation to course work provided at Oakland Community College. Students will need to find personal transportation to OSTC for activities and courses that occur outside the traditional school day.