Holiday Buffet 2017 - 2018

The Holiday Buffet held at the Oakland Schools Technical Campus Southwest on December 5th-7th attracted 400 guests to attend this event.  The theme of the event was 'Home Again' and was brought together by a number of programs at the campus to create a warm feeling with a vision of family.  These programs included; Visual Imaging, Bio Technology, and the Culinary Arts and Hospitality programs.  Each dining area had its own design where diners felt like they were part of a family celebration during the holiday season. 

The central dining area with the 50 foot long main course buffet was illuminated with holiday lights and had three sets of french doors inviting everyone in to visit.  Everyone was warmed by yule logs blazing through technology and fragrant centerpieces of pine.  In addition, this room maintained a 20 foot long dessert buffet.  Other dining rooms included a visit to the park to ice skate on a pond or sled down a hill while other rooms were decorated with stunning holiday bulbs and a final room was set where you were in a festive shipping area that was sending and receiving holiday packages all sitting under a chandelier.

Upon entering the venue the aroma's hit you that it was the holiday season.  Amazing salads with teasing dressing and handmade Hors d'Oeuvres greeted attendees at the beginning of the buffet leading diners onto the center area of the buffet with a tremendous centerpiece that reached for the high ceiling all surrounded by fresh breads and rolls.  Chicken Ballotine, Char Grilled Pork Loin, Pistachio Encrusted Salmon continued the runway of the buffet with the Hand Carved Station of herb roasted Prime Rib anchoring this mouth watering experience. 

Finishing each person's evening, focus shifted to the dessert tables.  Delicate pastries, hand folded chocolate goodness, light petit fours, tortes, cakes and other wintery treats and confectionaries were layered across the continued endless surprises of the evening.  Accompanied by fresh brewed coffee the desserts seemed to melt away only to reappear like magic by students demonstrating their skills.

Service for the evening was the focus.  Greeters with smiles to students briskly attending to customers needs...everyone was on their game. Beverages were flowing.  Servers clearing dishes as quietly as the buffet attendants exchanged fresh platters of tasty items.  The happy sounds of music piped into each dining area enhanced this service allowing for guests to relax and enjoy their experience.  Customers were amazed.  New customers were shocked that all of this was orchestrated by high school students while returning customers reveled about how every single year is as good as the last.