DTE Sheds Light on Future Careers

A DTE worker explains to students how he reads work orders On Friday November 11th, SE had the privilege of welcoming a crew of DTE underground and overhead line workers into the Energy program and entire Construction cluster.  DTE started off with a fascinating presentation on the power grid and our local distribution system.  They talked to the students about career paths and the wide variety of working conditions.

After the presentation, students had the opportunity to explore some hands-on activities with  industry-specific gear, tools, and equipment.  DTE was able to drive into the Construction cluster and allow students inside their splicing van.  A 60-foot bucket truck was parked outside the cluster, and the students were allowed to get into the bucket (while staying on the ground!) to see for themselves what that kind of work might be like.  A team of two workers talked to the kids about the importance of anticipating one another's needs to get the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Overall, the students experienced many aspects of working for DTE and learned about the necessary steps to launch a career in the energy industry. 

A 60-foot DTE bucket truck parked behind the Construction cluster
Students observe the bucket up close.