Expanding Boundaries: College Touring in Ohio

Students listen to a presentation from a University of Northwest Ohio instructor.

Part of OSTC-SE's initiative is to foster an environment in which  students can explore a variety of post-secondary opportunities.   In an effort to expose students to both a technical school and a four-year university, Student Support Services organized a field trip to two post-secondary institutions in Ohio.  Open on a first-come-first-serve basis, the field trip allowed fifty students to become aware of  opportunities  that they may not otherwise have known about.

The first stop was  the University of Northwest Ohio (UNOH)  in Lima, Ohio, a school that specializes in furthering technical career education; after lunch there, the group traveled to the University of Toledo (UT), which is a traditional four-year university.  The students saw for themselves the differences between the two schools.  At UNOH, students toured non-traditional learning environments.  Our Transportation students were particularly excited about the race car track and shop.  At the University of Toledo, many students were impressed with the facilities (including a state-of-the-art recreation/fitness center) and how much the university felt like a large state university, all with the convenience of being about an hour from metro Detroit.  Between the two schools, three of our students have already been accepted!