K9 in Criminal Justice

Instructor Crystal Nowka watches as Officer Chipman and Ryker present to her class.

Department officer Rich Chipman brought his K9 assignment 'Ryker' to the campus for an incredible presentation.  Officer Chipman provided students with information regarding the prerequisites for becoming a K9 officer, as well as detailed information regarding requirements for an assignment as a K9 officer.

Following his presentation, Ryker and his handler performed some real-world narcotics simulations, including a narcotics search and the tracking of a fleeing suspect.  Students were impressed and excited with how well Officer Chipman and Ryker interacted and solved situational problems together. 

For more information on the duo, check out Officer Chipman's youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxtZGPgEbms

Students watch Officer Chipman and Ryker go through exercises.
Students are allowed to pet Ryker.